Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

My friend, Kristen, brought me some pumpkins and gourds for my porch.  There were some cool ones and my mom (who had come to stay a week with me after my surgery) asked her where she got them.  My friend, Heather, also called and asked where I had gotten my cool pumpkins on my porch.  I told her Kristen brought them over. Heather called Kristen to find out, and the next thing I know, Kristen is calling me and asking if we wanted to go out to the Banasky pumpkin patch to get pumpkins and gourds with their family and Heather's family for family home evening. I told her yes--my mom was so excited! Lol  Off we went! 
Ian headed off in search of the perfect pumpkin.
Kristen and Scott Robertson and their son, Kollin  (in the purple) on the hunt for some fun pumpkins with my boys.
My mom and I before venturing into the patch to find treasures of our own.
Morgan with a white pumpkin.  I've seen some fun things done on Pinterest with white pumpkins--too bad I wasn't feeling better! :)
Eli in the pumpkin patch.  He was so fun to watch.  He was definitely searching for his perfect pumpkin.
Grandma and Lindey searching for pumpkins.
Zander was feeling pretty independent and was able to help cut pumpkins for others with a pair of tree trimmers.
A fun gourd that found a new home on our front porch.
Eli finally found his perfect pumpkin.  He was so excited!
Zander with another cool gourd.  He slung it over his shoulder and carried it to the car.
Brother Robertson grabbed a melon out of the field and cracked it open for the kids to have a snack.  It was sure tasty!

Here is our haul of pumpkins and gourds in the back of the trooper.  Holy cow! I will say that some of these are Grandma's and will be going home to Vernal with her.
Our porch sure looked festive this year!  If I had been feeling better I probably would have tried to organize them in some fashion, but as it was, the kids did the decorating. :)  They moved them around regularly and we had to remind them a few times to keep a walk-way up the steps to the front door!
Micah with his pumpkin.
These were the ones that Grandma Millett picked out to take home.  She said that Grandpa was going to kill her when he came to pick her up!  There were just so many cool ones she couldn't leave any of them in the patch!  Her porch turned out cool--she has an old wheelbarrow that she filled and had a sign made out of old wood that said "give thanks".  (She sent me a picture on my phone--if I knew how to get it onto here I would have uploaded it!)
Visiting after unloading the loot.  Thanks so much Kristin for taking us pumpkin picking in the patch!  My mom had never done that before and we had a great time! A perfect activity for family home evening. :) October 7th, 2013

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