Sunday, March 20, 2016

Birthday Gifts From Grandma and Grandpa Hughes

Zander got to celebrate his birthday a couple of days early since Grandma and Grandpa Hughes came to visit before his birthday.  They brought his gifts and got him...
socks! Yea!

Grandma got him an official BYU jersey.  This kid is after her own heart. Go BYU!
It's a little
Happy birthday, buddy!
February 13, 2015

First, Second, and Third Grade Spell-Off!

This year the lower grade teachers (1st-3rd) decided to have their own spelling bee since they don't participate in the district spelling bee.
Each teacher had their own classroom spelling bee and then the top 3 from each class went on to the lower grade Spell-off.  Micah was one of the top 3 for 2nd grade. 
As Principal, John was one of the judges for the spell-off.
Micah was nervous, but he did so well!

These 3 girls were the last 3 left--two first graders and a third grader.  Lauren Mills (in the center) won the spell off.

All the kids did so well!  Congratulations for making it!
Micah and his second grade buddies: L to  R- Mr. Hughes, Aiden Rowley, Micah Hughes, and Caleb Olsen.
February 6, 2015

100 Days Smarter!

Eli is now 100 days smarter!  Boy this kid loves school. :)
February 2, 2015

Birthday Part 2...and 3....

On January 29th, Grandma and Grandpa Hughes came over to visit and brought Morgan's birthday gifts with them.  They got her a bunch of new clothes and she was excited!

On the 30th, she had a little friend party at the house and her friends brought her some small gifts.
Jocelyn, Mallory, Avery, McKenna, Alison, and Sydney came to her friend party.

All in all, its been a great week for this 12 year old!  Happy Birthday, Morgan!

Science Fair Projects

We had to do two science projects for the science fair this year. Zander decided to do one on paper airplanes.  He was trying to decide if the size of paper determined how far the airplane would fly.

He folded all his airplanes the same way, using a different size of paper for each one.

Zander decided to put a board on the ground to ensure that he was throwing from the same spot each time.  We then measured from the edge of the board to where the airplane went.
This was a lot of fun for Zander to do, and he found out that the smallest airplane flew the best.
Morgan decided to do her project with egg shells.  She took egg shells and reinforced the broken edge with masking tape.  She then used the pointed side of the egg for one experiment and the rounded side for another to see which would hold the most weight.  Each experiment used 4 halves of eggshell.

Then the fun began!  Morgan started stacking books and checking the egg shells after each one was added to determine when they started cracking.

She had quite the stacks of books going before they toppled over when the shells broke.

I think the final tally was 26 or 27 books.  I think it was the pointed shells that held the most books/weight.  It was also a fun project and she had a great time doing it!  
January 28th, 2015


For Morgan's 12th birthday she was allowed to begin wearing make-up.  I can't believe she's this old!  The morning after her birthday, she put on some of her birthday clothes, and after a little coaching from me, put on her make-up.

  She is becoming a beautiful young lady.  Love this baby girl of mine!

January 28, 2015

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Morgan's 12th Birthday

Morgan turned 12!  She wanted a kitty cake this year.  I think it turned out pretty cute!

She got a cute little Polar Bear that shivers when you touch it's nose.  She gave one to her friend Jocelyn at the beginning of the month for her birthday, and really wanted one.  It was so cute!
She also got a rubber band loom.
A make up bag with her very own make up in it.

She got  a new pair of shoes.
This girl loves fuzzy socks!  These ones are infused with Aloe to sooth and soften feet.
Grandma and Grandpa Millett delivered with the squirrel items this year.  It's her favorite animal.  They gave her a set of matching plates.  She is planning to use them for her jewelry on the top of her dresser.
They also gave her a felted animal book with all the supplies to make them. Of course, one of the animals was a squirrel.

Being the birthday girl, she got all the peeps and extras on top of the cake. :)
So glad Suzette's family could come and celebrate with us!
Happy 12th Birthday baby girl!  We are so glad you are part of our family.  You are a huge help to us and a great sister.  We love you!
January 27, 2015

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