Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lindey's Birthday

We celebrated Lindey's birthday with a quiet family party.  Each year we have usually invited those who helped us when I was so sick after Lindey was born. This year marks the beginning of a new era. We no longer live by any of our angels, so we will party by ourselves!
Lindey loves Hello Kitty, so she got a lot of it!
An activity pack...
A stuffed ballerina Hello Kitty.
Love, love, love her face in this one! She got a Tinkerbell night light card. Lol

Her own box of Cookies and Cream Pop Tarts. She loves those things.

One of her birthday requests was a new carseat that had purple on it. Lol
Wish even has flowers. Lol- she loved it!

We made Lindey a Hello Kitty cake. It turned out perfect! 

Happy birthday, missy! We love you very much! Can't believe you are FOUR!!
April 25, 2015

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Spring Band Concert

Morgan's spring band concert was on April 22, 2015.  
She gets so nervous, but doesn't need to be.  She is loving the clarinet!

Mr. Carroll is the 6th grade, and high school band teacher.  John and him were roommates in college, so that has been a lot of fun being near him and his family again.
Great job, and another concert well played! 

Little League

We were able to watch Zander play Little League.  He is loving it! He is pitching this year, and has a good arm!

Good game, bud! April 21, 2015

Scrapbook USA

I attended the Scrapbook Expo with my girls again this year.  We love our girl's weekend--it's becoming something of a tradition. :)  My mom usually joins us, and we meet up with these lovely ladies! This is one of my best friends, Kelly Perry. I just love her to pieces.  I love that we can pick up where we left off like we just talked that morning.
Her family is so great.  This is her sister Cicely. 
We had to get a picture of Morgan with us.  We were in the same ward as Kelly when we lived in Pleasant Grove when Morgan was teeny tiny.  Kelly used to watch her for me and would teach her sign language to get jelly beans.  ("More Candy Please!") Kelly has a deaf sister, so she is proficient! 
My mom, Me, and my girls. We have so much fun!  Love spending this time with Mom every year.  It doesn't happen often enough. Glad we enjoy the same hobbies!
Lindey refused to stand by Elsa and Sleeping Beauty for a picture, even though she was excited to see them.  She wouldn't even stand with Morgan for a picture!  We made Morgan stand by herself instead.  She was thrilled. Lol
And this is what happens when you let Lindey "play games" on your phone...

And then Morgan gets a hold of your phone...

Love you girls so much!  Thanks for tagging along with your crazy scrap-booking mom!
April 2015

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hiking on the Desert

We went hiking with the Olsen's over Easter Weekend.  We hadn't ever been exploring out on the desert, so they were excited to show us some of their favorite spots.

Some Indian Ruins

The kids loved playing in this foundation.

Zander found me this heart shaped rock and brought it over to me.  We opted to leave it there and take this picture to remember it. :)  Love that my kids do that!
The kids also loved playing in this old cabin.

Eli had to have his picture taken on the roof.

This is an old Uranium mine.  Pretty cool--even if it was mostly filled in.

Thanks for taking us, Olsen family!  We had a great time!
April 2015

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