Sunday, January 5, 2014

John's Birthday

John's birthday is October 13th.  We had a little family party.  I felt bad that I didn't have much for him this year, but with being in the hospital, and recovering, I was a little preoccupied.  It kind of snuck up on me!

Morgan is a creative little soul (as if you haven't figured that out by now) and made a cute gift for John--complete with her own washi tape on the package.
John really got a kick out of her gift!
Once, he opened it, this was taped to the inside of the lid of the box.  
She had made him some paper tacos and each of the different parts of the tacos had a cute saying with them.  Orange= say "cheese", it's your birthday! Green= "Lettuce" say we love you! White= today's not "sour" it's sweet as "cream". Red= "tomato" your birthday will be over! (This one was John's favorite!) Brown= This meat is as sweet as your smile! (the 'meat' was Snicker's bars--John's favorite)

John is not a cake lover, but if he has to choose, his favorite is German Chocolate.  This year I made cupcakes so that he could have German chocolate, but the kids could have regular frosting.  They are not fans of the coconut pecan frosting.  It was a win-win, and everyone was happy. 

John was glad he only had one candle to blow out this year, not 38. lol He let Lindey help him blow out the candle.  She is such a cutie!
Melinda got him a book about the three little pigs written in the way people talked in Shakespeare 's time.  It is pretty funny.  John was excited about it.
Happy birthday, sweetheart!  Hope you had a great day!  I love you!

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