Sunday, July 28, 2013

Easter 2013

As Grandma Millett always does, she sent the kids a little something for this holiday.  It came a few days before Easter, and the kids were excited about their Bunny Bait.  It was a delicious!
The kids are anxiously awaiting to see what is in their baskets.
Eli was excited about everything in his basket.  He was jumping up and down with each new thing.
Morgan checking out her loot.
Ian reading the jokes on his pen. He was pretty excited about his neck pillow.
More Eli excitement!  Sixlets!! Wahoo!!
Zander received a grass head.  He had one from school earlier in the year and loved it. 
Micah got some playdough and was super pleased.

Lindey wasn't quite sure what to think about Easter.  She did enjoy the candy--whether it was out of her basket or not. lol
That night we did our annual Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt.  The is becoming something the kids look forward to.  We have fun with it, and let the kids hide the eggs for us to hunt as well.
The kids love counting the eggs to see if they have all been found.  (We love that it doesn't add more treats in the eggs, and its just hunting the eggs for the fun of it!)
Happy Hunting and Happy Easter!
March 31, 2013


  1. how do you organize your glow in the dark easter egg hunt?

    1. Hi Jamie! :) As it starts getting dark, we fill the eggs with the glow sticks, tape them shut, and then the kids stay inside while the adults hide them. It is so fun to find places to hide them--on the barbeque grill, end of the swing set, in the flowers, etc. because they glow and the kids can see them! After a few rounds the kids hide them for us and that is a lot of fun as well. They find some pretty great/tricky spots! We have a laundry basket the kids dump the eggs into and we count them to make sure all were found. We usually end with John just throwing the eggs up in the air and the kids on the lawn trying to catch them in their baskets. We love that it is just plain fun and we don't have to worry about the kids getting more treats or having to hard boil and dye eggs either. Grandma usually takes care of the traditional hunt. :) Hope that helps!


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