Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coat Rack

I had been wanting to do something about our coat rack behind the door for some time.  My original thought was to put lockers along the entry way wall, one for each kid, but I've never been able to find them or be able to get them home with us if I did.  On to plan B!  After talking it over with John we decided to put a row of hooks along the wall.  What we had just wasn't working!  With 8 of us having our jackets hung on the hooks behind the door it was almost impossible to get the front door open all the way.  The coats stuck out too far. Plus, it was hard to find your own jacket or backpack without going through everything on the hooks.  They would fall off and be on the floor.  It was a mess!

We bought our hooks online, and then bought a board from the local hardware store.  I painted it and marked where the hooks were going to go, then turned the project over to John.

After the hooks were attached and glued, it was time to hang it on the wall.

Yea!  I was so excited to see it hanging up!

Ahh, now isn't that much better?  A hook for each child. John and I still keep our coats behind the door, and it's working so much better! Yea for home improvement! :) April, 1st, 2013.

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