Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our Trampoline

Remember our trampoline the kids got for Christmas?  We finally decided it was warm enough to put it together.  It was still a little cool out, but the sun was shining, so John decided to get it done.  I was at a Book Party at one of the neighbor's, and this is what I came home to. :)
The boys were pretty anxious to see it done, and were probably a bit too helpful.
Eli decided to take advantage of all Mom's old kitchen pots and bake a feast for everyone waiting to see the tramp completed.

He was cooking up a storm!

Eli was the first one to try it out.  He was so excited!
Lindey was a little more hesitant.  She sort of bounced instead of jumped.  The smile says it all though!  That is one happy little girl!
One of the selling features for us (besides its small size) is that it only holds 100 lbs.  No more than two kids can be on it at a time, and the big kids, not at all.  Less chance for injuries.
Micah and Zander both were loving it as well.
Morgan hasn't quite hit the 100 lb. mark yet, so she could jump too.  She is almost too big for it though.  She thought it was funny that she could jump above the net to see us.

Lindey got more brave as the day went on. 

I think the kids are going to like this--a lot!
March 16, 2013

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