Sunday, July 28, 2013


Ian learned how to make inflatables after school the week of March 11-15th.  He had a lot of fun with the University of New Mexico students that came.  He was very excited about the design of his inflatable and told us of his progress each night after he came home.  Unfortunately he wasn't able to make it to the Final Party.  Our youth went to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead that day, and Ian chose to go with them instead of the inflatables party.  He never got to see his design inflated other than the pictures we went and took for him.  Glad he made the decision he did. :)  Our other children had a great time at the party.  Ian's design was a tunnel.  The kids had fun going through it.
Ian's design...
This one is an equal sign (=).  Two parallel tubes.
This is the top view of Ian's.  There was hole in the center like a donut.

John is taller--this is a better view of the center of Ian's design.
This is a cube inflatable.  You could also go inside this one.

This is a Decagon (ten sided shape).
We went and walked through Ian's tunnel.  As adults, we had to stoop a little.  It was pretty cool inside. They were made from plastic that wasn't much thicker than a trash bag.
Ian's was the most popular by far.  All the kids loved going through it and running around. 
Ian's was set up in the far end of the gym.
The inflatables were quite large.  Zander is walking by the equal sign, and is only half as tall as them.

They also had a ginormous hula hoop that Morgan was dying to try out.  (Hula hooping was all the rage at recess in school). :)
Glad that we got to go see Ian's Inflatable, even though he couldn't come with us.  Good job buddy!  We got many compliments from those in charge of the After School Program and the University of New Mexico Students about you.  You are quite creative, and it's evident that you thought out of the box!

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