Monday, September 17, 2012

24th of July

Oops!  Out of order. 
For the 24th of July, our ward had a celebration at the park.  We had a barbeque, and then games were planned for the kids and a short program after that.  The kids loved participating in the games.  It was fun to watch them wagon race.  One of my piano students--Lindsey, loves to play with our kids.  She pulled Eli in this race.
Morgan and Zander were racing Lily and Talynn--I just happened to catch Talynn as she was being dumped out! lol
Our neighbor, Sarah, caught this picture of our family getting ready for the many legged race. lol  Each family had to tie up--I think we were by far the biggest family with 9 of us.  We were allowed to hold anyone 3 years old or younger. (And we added Talynn to our herd.)  We tried to get Micah and Zander to stand on our feet, but they didn't listen.  We were just getting the hang of it when Ian went down.  It was all over after that!  It was quite fun. :)
Happy Pioneer Day!

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