Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Shower

Wow, this seems like so long ago!  It's been almost two months since I've blogged, so prepare for the onslaught over the next few days.  Now that another Melon Days is under my belt, it's time to play catch up (on more than just my blog!) goes!
Heather's baby shower was on August 4th.  It was pretty easy on my part.  I just had to make sure our home was clean as my assignment (the invites) were done and delivered.  We had a pretty good turn out.  As friends came, we had them write on the little onesies their best "boy" advice and how they differ from girls. (Heather has two girls and is having a boy.)

One of the other games Jenni came up with was making a baby out of playdough.  This is one that I've never done, and it was so fun!  Everyone did a fantastic job, and Heather, Jenni and Danielle were the judges.
Heather's Aunt Helen drove down from Utah County to attend.  She said she needed to come and "represent" the family. Heather is from Canada, so not many of her family members are close by.
Morgan was one of the playdough baby winners (I think she won most colorful), Danielle also won...

and I also was a winner...
Danielle was in charge of refreshments.  She had a relish tray, cake balls, and rice krispie treats.  She made a cucumber punch that I really liked.  It was very refreshing.  I got the recipe from Danielle, and I would make it again, but John didn't really care for it.  Guess I'll have to make it when he's not around! lol
Her rice crispie treats were so cute in the shape of a onesie! 
This was the way to do a shower--split it up so everyone has a different part.  Loved it and it was not stressful at all!  Heather got a ton of cute things for her little baby boy, and diapers to last her for a while.  (Heather had an idea to do a little drawing that if you brought diapers you were entered for a gift certificate to Bath and Body Works!  Great motivation.) In addition to diapers, I made these cute little photo blocks for Heather.  She seemed to really like them and told me she had the perfect spot in his room for them.  So glad, because I think they turned out pretty cute! :)

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