Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pinewood Derby

Zander made a BYU Pinewood Derby Car this year--big shocker, right? Lol
We were on our own this year to make the car.  Living in Orangeville, we didn't have Grandpa Hughes' shop or his help.  Eek! Zander and I looked for and picked out a design, and then we got out our jigsaw and John went to work cutting it.  It didn't turn out perfect, but with some sanding, and some wood putty, we got it where we wanted it.  Zander was happy with it, so that was all that mattered to me!
Checking out all the other cars.  There were some fun ones this year!
Zander got his car all set and then raced to the end of the track to watch his car come down.

Zander was so excited that his car did so well.  He was not expecting it place at all, especially with the repair work we had to do once it was cut out.  

His car won this round!
All the scouts in our troop. Back Row L to R: Damon DeLude, Tyson DeLude, Josh Brinkerhoff, Brian Rassmussen, Tanner Brown, Luke Seely, Mason Bell. Front Row L to R: Turner Stoker, Will Stilson, Braxton Butler, Christian Stoker, Zander Hughes, Devin Olsen.

Zander won the most unique car.

Zander ended up qualifying for the district pinewood derby in March.  He was beyond excited that he gets to race his car again! Great job, buddy!!
January 24, 2015

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