Sunday, November 8, 2015

New Year's Eve

Our New Year's Eve party was much the same this year as it was the year before.  We did our traditional snack platters and got the spread all laid out on the counter.  We had to go around to the other counter since our "bar" isn't as big in our new house.  Maybe we just need less food! ha ha

Ian got his snacks earlier than the rest of us because he was going to the Stake Dance/Activity with Jason and Samantha.
It was hard to keep the kids from snitching off the trays until we were ready to begin.

Wayne, Suzette, and Melinda came over and we played The Farming Game.
At Midnight, we had Sparkling Soda and toasted each other.

Zander actually made it this year.  I think it was a first for him!  
We had some confetti poppers for the kids.  Micah was having a hard time pulling the string to make it pop, so Melinda helped him.
We went outside to do the rest of them.
Micah was sad when we were out of the poppers.  I remembered we had some more in the basement.  He was excited when we got them out!

John even lit a few other fireworks.
And a parachute man.  We had a great time making so much noise in our "retired" neighborhood. Nobody came out and complained at us, so we figured we were okay.

 Eli isn't quite awake, but everyone else helped to ring in the new year! Ian was still at the dance.  I guess we are entering a new phase of life with teenagers in the house!
Happy 2015!!

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