Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mr. Hughes' School Christmas Activity

John surprised the teachers at school by telling them he would be in charge of the half-day of school before it was out for Christmas break.  We did many of these activities in Green River, so 
John knew what he was going to do.  The teachers were appreciative they didn't have to come up with something to keep the kiddos occupied when they were crazy excited for the break. Lol
The days activities started with John reading a story to the school-one of our families favorites, "Mooseltoe".

The next activity was dressing their teacher like a snowman.  Each class was given a bag with a few rolls of toilet paper, a hat, a scarf, black construction paper, and a carrot.  They had to work together to wrap up their teacher.  The students LOVED this!  Not sure if the teachers were very excited, but they were good sports! Ha!
Mrs. Tuttle-5th grade

Mrs. Atwood-2nd grade

Mrs. Barton's kindergarten class got a little extra help from Mrs. Lindley and Mrs. Lake

Mr. Cox -6th grade

Mr. Hughes- 6th grade
Mrs. Atwood with her 2nd graders.  This is Micah's class.  They were pretty proud of their snow teacher!
Mrs. Alton's 4th graders wrapped her head to foot! Zander's class did a great job!
Mr. Hughes and Mr. Cox are co-teaching this year since John became half day principal.  Morgan and her classmates loved dividing and conquering!
Eli's Kindergarten class did a wonderful job making sure Mrs. Barton was covered.  She had to sit in a chair so her students could reach her head.  They were so cute!
The next activity we did was a school-wide snowball fight.  Each teacher was given paper for the students to make their snowballs.  They started by separating them boys against girls. 
When John yelled, "GO!" it was total a good way! LOL  So much laughing and screaming. The kids were having so much fun!

After a set amount of time, they had the kids back up to see who "won" by how many snowballs there were on each side.  Looks like its a pretty close game--they did it several more times.  It was a blast!
Eli waiting for the signal to begin throwing!
The students were split up by upper grades against lower grades.

Again, the outcome was pretty even.

We then split the kids into classes and had different stations for them to go to.  
4th grade is getting the balloons over the "mountain".  They had to blow them up and then let them go hoping the air would propel their balloon over the top.  This was funny to watch as the balloons rarely went where the kids thought they would!
Kindergarten got to play games on the iPads.
2nd grade doing the limbo underneath tinsel.  This was another fun one to watch.  A lot of the kids just crawled underneath!
They had to make it underneath with a buddy.  Micah and Caleb made a pretty great team!
Someone gave John this tie.  He saved it to wear this last half day. (He didn't want the kids to feel like they had to bring him something.)
6th grade playing Christmas Pictionary.

4th grade doing the ice relay race.  They had to carry ice cubes from one bowl to another on a spoon and try to get it filled up before the other team did.

In one of the classrooms, the upper grades played musical chairs with Christmas music.

Kindergarten doing the balloon pop.  They tied a balloon to their ankle and had to keep it from getting popped while trying to pop everyone else's.  So funny to watch them dance around!

Kindergarten was playing follow the leader and copying whatever the kid in the middle was doing to the Christmas music.  
Our awesome aides made popcorn and filled cups of it so they kids had a treat while they watched the movie.
After the stations, the school came back to the gym and Mrs. Tuttle and Mrs. Labrum led the school in singing Christmas Carols.

After singing Christmas carols and getting pillows and blankets spread on the gym floor (it was pajama day) they watched a movie- Santa vs. the Snowman.Then, it was time to go home! Whew!  What a fun day for the school. Happy Christmas break! :)
December 22, 2014

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