Sunday, November 8, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, 2014. We made sugar cookies earlier in the day so that the kids could decorate cookies for Santa.  
I think the kids ate more than they left for Santa!
Although, by the time we were finished, Santa definitely was not lacking cookies!
I love his crazy faces.  He makes the best ones!

Ms. Durrant came from Green River to join in the festivities.
We also had Wayne and Suzette's family join us this year, which was so much fun!  It's so nice to be around family--especially at times like these!
Sarah decorated a snowman.  He's so cute!
Samantha played some background Christmas music for everyone to enjoy while the cookies were being finished up.
We had to take pictures of each of their creations. (With way too many sprinkles and candy on top!)

One of our traditions is that the kids get new Christmas pajamas.  This year the kids each picked out their own.  Lindey picked Disney Princess'.
Eli rocked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...emphasis on the Ninja.  He put them on and then crazily showed off his mad ninja skills by jumping, kicking and karate chopping.  We were laughing so hard!  I was worried he'd hurt himself! 
Micah picked Minions.
Zander picked out and opened Spider Man pajamas.

Morgan picked soft fleece pants with a matching monkey shirt.
Ian picked out camouflage shorts. (Yes, we know it's winter, and there is snow on the ground, but he insisted that 's what he wanted.)
Traditional pajama picture in front of the tree before we head out to look at lights.
After we finished looking at lights, we headed back home to open the kids' sibling gifts.  We started opening their gifts from each other a few years ago.  It made them more appreciative of what their sibling thought about and picked out for them.  It wasn't just another present on Christmas morning.  This year for sibling gifts: Ian had Eli, Morgan had Lindey, Zander had Ian, Micah had Morgan, Eli had Zander, and Lindey had Micah.
Lindey found Micah walkie talkies. 
Micah gave Morgan a little birdie in a cage. (She wanted real birds after moving by Aunt Suzy who has birds, but Mom and Dad said, "No!")
Her bird is motion detecting and will sing songs.  She was pretty happy with it and now thinks it needs a friend. Ha!
Morgan gave Lindey a Cinderella night light.  It projects Cinderella on the ceiling and changes colors.

Morgan also found her some accessories for her dress ups.  High heel shoes, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Lindey was very excited!
Ian had Eli and gave him some new Lego sets.
Eli had Zander and gave him a Dart gun. I'd say he liked it. :)

It was so nice to visit with family and to continue with our traditions. Happy Christmas Eve!

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