Sunday, November 8, 2015


Our Christmas tree loaded with presents.
Our neighbor, Brad Orgill, said he had a feeling that our kids needed this Jazz rocking chair.  His grandkids were finished with it and he was fixing it up and it needed a new home.  We felt very blessed that he thought of us.  
Santa visited our house. He surprised the heck out of Ian this year!  He brought him a hunting bow.
Santa brought Morgan five little kittens (no mittens) and some new clothes for her American Girl Doll.
Zander wanted roller skates and Santa delivered.
Micah asked for a new Nintendo DS since his died. Santa was smart and brought a 2DS that doesn't fold closed so the screen can't break.
Eli didn't know what he wanted (again), so Santa brought him a giant Alligator.
Lindey wanted a new Dolly like Morgan's American Girl doll.  Santa brought one with a little puppy.
Checking out the contents of her stocking.  Morgan got some Jamberry nail covers! Score!
Lindey was very fun to watch on Christmas morning.  She was so excited about everything!
Morgan rushed to grab her American girl doll to try on her new clothes.
Zander rushed to try on his new skates.  They fit perfectly!
Lindey loved cuddling with her new baby doll.  I feel a great friendship coming on.
Ian was ecstatic with his Christmas surprise.  It's not often that we can do that anymore.  We were the coolest parents ever this year. LOL
Eli loved his new pet Alligator.  He was thrilled it was almost as big as he was!
Micah was in video game heaven this morning.
All the boys got a Minecraft figurine in their stocking.  Ian's was a unicorn--how fitting!
Morgan loved her little kittens, even though they weren't real like she really wanted. 
Eli got reminiscing about how many alligators he's gotten (this is the 3rd year in a row) and ran to get them all.  Then he lined them up on the floor.  He's getting quite the collection of them!
After we had breakfast and everyone had played with their Santa toys, it was time to dive into the realm of presents.
Lindey found the little rocking chair and fell in love.  It was the perfect spot for her and her baby doll.
Ian opened up the case for his bow. He couldn't wait to go out and shoot it!

Ian got a new hoodie to wear.

We got the kids new sheets this year.  They picked out their own colors.
Micah got some new Pete the Cat books and they came with Pete!  He was pretty excited.  We love Pete the Cat!

Zander got a backscratcher.  He kept asking for one and we'd always tell him no.  He liked this gift.

Zander was excited to get a new tool kit.
Ian's movie this year was the Hobbit.
Zander got Percy Jackson.  This is one of his favorite book series and has wanted to watch the movie for a long time.
Lindey got a Hello Kitty penny bank full of treats.
I think she likes it!

Since the girls didn't need new sheets, they got a memory foam topper for their mattress. So excited for them!!
We got a new game for the family to try out, Hedbanz!

I so love their expressions when they get to see what's inside the presents.

Morgan wanted new boots. She was loving these.  (We picked them out without her knowledge, he he).
So excited to have Peppa Pig books to read!
University of Utah shirt, oh yeah!
New DS game to go with his new DS. lol
Stop bouncing so I can see what it is!
Poptropica.  Love that this pushes their thinking.
Camo sheets for the mighty hunter.

Eli unwrapped a new Kindle of his very own from Mom and Dad.
Ian's new read this year was "Unicorn". Lol
Lindey also opened up a pretty pink Kindle from Mom and Dad.  Both kids were so excited!
The kids got an Osmo set.  It has Tangrams and letter tiles that work with an iPad.  It's pretty cool and we think the kids will have a lot of fun with it.

John got me some new jewelry.  He's the best!
Superman decal for my favorite super guy!

Merry Christmas everyone!  

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