Thursday, April 16, 2015

Castle Valley Pageant

We hurried home from the Millett Reunion so that we could watch Ian and Morgan in the Castle Valley Pageant.  They were both pioneers.  We have been to watch the pageant a few times over the years, and the kids always love attending the pioneer village before the pageant starts.  They get to get up close with the set and do some fun activities.
The kids got their own prarie diamond ring.

They had a hard time getting a ring small enough for Lindey, but they did it!
They got to take a turn churning ice cream.

And, Micah's favorite part, eating it!
A couple of the kids tried their hand at milking a cow and sitting on a one legged stool.
Zander was pretty good at it!

I tried it also and tried to get Lindey to try it, but she wasn't going to get any close to that cow.
Eli was funny.  He wanted to try it, but, like Lindey, didn't want to get too close.

They helped churn butter.

We went on a wagon ride.  Lindey loved it! What a cutie.

One of the men in the pageant had Ian climb up the tower and see if he could feel the spirit.  He told us about when he played the Savior and his testimony about putting himself in his shoes and what the Nephites must have been feeling when they saw their Savior descending.  It was so neat!

Eli enjoyed Rock Climbing.
We played Where's Waldo with Bessy (our Van). Can you spot it? First row by the tree in the center.
Zander was freaked out by this "unsafe" railing.  He wouldn't go too close to the edge.

Family Picture time!  Minus Ian and Morgan who had to go get in costume and make up for the pageant.

The boys loved that they could get on the roof of this dugout.
Our pioneers, Ian and Morgan.
Our seats were up towards the top.
It's a good thing my camera has a good zoom on it!  I was impressed that I was able to find them.

Pioneer wagon train--the pageant is starting!
Melinda's brother and sister-in-law played a couple who decided not to wait until the baby came to go to Zion.
Morgan, Ian and Samantha were able to be in the square dance this night.

Samuel the Lamanite.  Ian got to be a Nephite and throw rocks at him.
John's brother-in-law, Wayne, played Christ this year.  His nephew, Jason, is the robber on the left.
Christ appearing to the Nephites.  We love going to the pageant.  I am so glad that Ian and Morgan were able to participate!  What a great experience for them. 
August 2, 2014

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