Thursday, April 16, 2015

Visiting Vernal

Since Nichole was still visiting from Pennsylvania, Cassy was still there from Kansas, and I never feel like I get to spend enough time with them, I decided to go to Vernal for a few days to hang out.
I took all of the kids with me this time.  Ian and Morgan were excited to see the cousins since they weren't able to go to reunion this year.  We arrived in Vernal the morning of August 7th. That afternoon we headed out to the Dinosaur Quarry.  We made it in time for the last tram run from the visitor's center to the Quarry.  Lindey chickened out at the last minute and decided to keep me company in the car.
The cool boys in the very last seat on the tram.  Ian and Issac.
Morgan, Lindey (who let me take her picture and then got off) and Abigail.
Grandma and Uncle Justin rode the tram to keep the kids under control. (I think they just really wanted to ride it!)
Leah, Keyan, Silas, and Grandma.
Brooklyn, Uncle Justin and Zander, and Kaden.
This is really rare that there is a full skeleton laid out like this.  Pretty cool!
Selfie time! Dad was really getting a kick out of watching us try to all fit in the pic!
Sure wish Jennie could have joined us!  We missed you! :)
Eli loved the dinosaurs.
Sister selfie! Cassy, Me, and Nichole.
Micah loved the interactive displays.  He wanted to show me everything!  This flower was his favorite.
These cuties were all born the same year.  We are missing Harley.  All five of us sisters were pregnant at the same time!  That was a first, and a last. :)  Silas, Lindey, Brooklyn, and Keyan.
Such good little buddies!
And here is Ian, the teenager, "Mom!  Get a picture of me eating the dinosaur that's eating a dinosaur."
All the grand kids L to R: Micah, Leah, Issac, Keyan, Silas, Ian, Brooklyn, Lindey, Abby, Kaden, Brylee, Morgan, Zander, Zaralyn, and Eli. We are missing Dustin's and Jennie's kids.
Family picture in front of the Allosaurus.
Zander and Eli, the photo-bomber. Ha ha!

Good thing Dad works here and knows someone who was able to get a group shot of all of us!  

And our Vanna Whites, Abby and Morgan.

After the Dinosaur Quarry, we went on up to Split Mountain for a picnic dinner.  The boys enjoyed some hiking while we got everything ready.
Morgan in front of Split Mountain.
Cassy brought her fishing poles and had most of the grand kids wanting a turn.
Morgan in front of some caves.  She refused to go in them for me. ha ha--they don't even go in that far! 
Ian on top of the world.
Morgan was a good sport and hung out with Silas and Lindey.  She took them on walks and made sure they didn't get too close to the water.
Zander was able to fish (thanks, Cas!) He loved every second of it.
Leah, Brylee, Micah and Zaralyn
Lindey got to try fishing and caught this little red beauty!  She wished we had brought her Dora fishing pole that Uncle Thomas gave her for her birthday.  She told me that over and over again!
Aunt Cassy helping Lindey cast her line.

Adrienne wasn't able to come to the family reunion because of this little fella.  Morgan loved snuggling Tyson!
On the 8th, we went school clothes shopping. Whew!  That was an event with 6 kids.  Thanks for going with us Grandma!  You were a lifesaver.  We ended the day eating dinner at the new Cafe Rio that just opened up in Vernal and then swimming at the Rec Center.  The kids love this part of visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  They have a pretty awesome pool there!
While everyone was getting ready to go, the little kids started hiding in the lockers.  The bigger kids decided to see if they could fit!
Silas was so funny!  He was playing peek a boo with us.
Miss Lindey Lu.

The kids went down the slide several times while waiting for everyone to finish changing.

They also played this light game.  They had to press the lights as they came on.

After swimming we got the kids in jammies and were visiting when Adrienne came over.  Lindey made everyone laugh when she yelled, "Yea! Our baby is here!" We really do love you too, Adrienne. LOL  
Another classic photo-bomb by one of the boys. Thanks, Ian.
Morgan, Abby and Tyson.
What a little sweetheart!

Grandpa and Tyson

The next day (Aug. 9th) it was time to pack up and head home.  We had a great visit! It made the reunion seem like it was a few days longer this year. We had so much fun!

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