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Millett Reunion 2014

The Millett Reunion was held July 31st through August 2nd at East Canyon Resort Campground.  We came here quite a few times as kids--even once when there was a bomb scare since the Govenor was suppose to be there that day.  I was excited to go back as there are a lot of things to do there.
As we were getting the camp set up, the kids were busy playing with their cousins and discovering the campground.

Our tent is the one on the left.  Ian, Morgan and John were not able to attend with us this year, so I was single momming it! Not too bad a job setting this tent up by myself--with help from my dad and sister! (Thanks, guys!)
Cute picture I caught of Zander relaxing.
While we are all working, what's Grandma doing?? Playing on her phone!
The kids always love Grandpa's chairs and argue over who gets to sit in them.  So comfy!
We were able to play miniature golf, which my little ones don't ever remember doing.  It was so much fun!  The kids were excited that they got to choose what color of ball they were going to play with.
Nichole and Silas brought up the rear.
It was hard to keep the kids in order of whose turn it was.  I am positive it would have been utter mayhem on the green had we not tried to keep some kind of order! Lol My kids had to learn that this was MINIATURE golf and not regular golf like Grandma Hughes takes them to play in Green River.  They didn't need to hit the ball as hard as they were. Gear down turbos!
Micah lines up for his swing.
Another thing we had to remind the kids of was to stay off the green when it wasn't their turn.  We saved a few toes this day!

Zander was right at home on the golf course.  
We also went swimming in the pools.  We loved the kiddie pool!  We could sit and visit and let the kids play. :)
Miss Lindey Lu loving the water!
So glad we brought the life jackets.  Eli is a little dare devil and wanted to be wherever the cousins were.  He didn't spend a lot of time in the kiddie pool. Lol
Micah jumping into the pool--Wahoo!
Let's do it again!
On our way to the pool we passed the playground.  The kids repeatedly asked if they could go play.  While dinner was being prepared, we took the kids down the path to check it out.
We walked into the playground and noticed these huge tires.  Since most of the kids gravitated here first, we decided to get a picture of all the attending grandkids for Granddma.  It turned out so cute!
L to R: Zander, Eli, Micah, Issac, Brooklyn, Rian, Brylee, Zaralyn, Kaden, Harley, Abbie, Lindey, Gunner and Silas.

My 3 boys--what cute goobs!
I heard someone call out, "Mom!" and turned around and saw this:
It made me laugh. :)
We pushed the girls on the tire swing.  I loved listening to them giggle!
Eli was determined he was going to make it up the biggest tire all by himself!
Almost there...
Lindey and Abby loved the tire swing!
Sisters...sisters...there were never such devoted sisters!  I love these two!  (Jenni was back at camp cooking dinner.) We had to take a selfie! 
Or two...
Getting pushed in the swings is the best!  I think we had all the swings full of grandkids at one point.
The boys turn on the tire swing!  Silas, Eli and Gunner were laughing so hard!

Gunnar wanted a picture for his mom--here ya go, Jen!
Whirley Pop competition!  Since we won last year at the reunion, The kids and I had to judge.  I so love this tradition.  It has become a family favorite!
Cassy and her troops bringing their ingredients.
The competition is underway!
Nichole and her green concoction--it smelled yummy!
Grandma and Grandpa hard at work.
Cassy and her girls measuring marshmallows, mmmmm!

The Whirleypop trophy that sat proudly on our mantle for the last year. Dustin had this made up the first year we did the whirleypop competition.  So glad this has become a tradition!
Nichole had her girls gathering sticks with leaves...I was just a little curious as to what she was up to!
Jennie and John were the last to start their recipe.
Sprinkling a bit of hot cocoa powder--I think I am going to like this one!

Drizzle of chocolate and it looks great!
Nichole is dipping her green popcorn balls in caramel-Yummy!
Lindey was right by my side through the entire judging process.
Love that face.
Jennie and John slaving over a hot Camp Chef. lol

And the entries are: Orange Creamsicle submitted by Grandma and Grandpa Millett. Extra points for presentation!

Cassy and kids submitted Hot Chocolate Popcorn.  Love it in the Styrofoam cups!
And the twigs make sense now!  Nichole and her helpful girls made Jolly Rancher Green Apple Caramel Apple Popcorn balls.
Jennie and John made Egg Nog Popcorn.  It smelled so good!  I definitely need this recipe.
Everyone anxiously awaiting the results.  Dad had cousins staying in their time-share condo at East Canyon and they came to see what the Whirley Pop contest was all about.  It was fun to see them and visit a bit. 
Last family photo with the trophy.  Sniff..sniff...You will be missed little one!
All the recipes were so good.  It was hard to choose, but choose we must!  And the winners are....

Nichole and Crew with their Green Apple Popcorn Balls.  Congratulations!  Silas was so excited to win the trophy.  He didn't put it down the rest of reunion.
After Whirleypop there was about an hour until the pool closed.  We were spontanious and took the kids for a little night swim.  They were so funny..."Really? We can go swimming?!?" They thought that was so cool!  Glad we did that. :)

When we got back from swimming and got the kids tucked in bed, us girls were getting ourselves ready for bed.  We walked up to the bathroom together and were scared half to death by the raccoons in the dumpster!  Those things were HUGE! They weren't scared of us either. I can still hear Jennie's scream. Lol The next morning we discovered they were smart enough to get the lids off the action packers and open some of the coolers.  The little rascals ate half of my string cheese!
My dad's Mom's family reunion was being held on Saturday, so we met up at the pavillion with them and spent the afternoon playing tennis, going on a scavenger hunt, visiting and making a rocket.  The kids loved making them.  

Cassy was a good sport and got on the court with the kids.

Great hit, Zander! He waited all reunion to play tennis.

My Grandma Millett is on the far left.  She broke her neck when she tripped on some stairs and fell  forward. These are all her remaining siblings and their spouses.  Dad will have to help me out on their names. :/ I could guess, but I'd probably get most of them wrong. I know Uncle Julian is in the plaid shirt-his wife, Ruth, is not pictured, but is Grandma's sister.  Uncle David is on the end.
My Grandma's posterity.  L to R: Me, Eli, Lindey, Aunt Jana, Max, Micah, Samantha, Nichole, Brylee, Zander, Silas, Zaralyn, Aunt Vicki, Grandma, Uncle Steve, My Dad, Jennie, Gunnar, Rian, Harley, My Mom, John, Abbie, Brooklyn, Kaden, Cassy and Issac.

Great Grandma Millet and my family.
The kids waited for this to be ready--they got to shoot their rockets! A few of them flew onto the roof of the pavilion, and others ripped on take off and others flew quite a ways.  I love the look on Micah's face as the count down comes to an end.
Eli putting his rocket on the launcher.
Lindey wouldn't put hers on by herself, but she loved watching it fly!
Silas, on the other hand was doing it himself!
Family picture time!
Nichole with her kids-Zaralyn, Silas and Brylee. So glad she could come from Pennsylvania for reunion!
Cassy road tripped with Nichole from Kansas with her kids. Kaden, Issac, Abbie, and Brooklyn.
Jennie and John's family-Gunnar, Harley, and Rian.
Grandpa and Grandma Millett.
Mom got sick of all the pictures. :) LOL 

And us! Me, Lindey, Eli, Zander, and Micah.
It's hard to get a picture with uncooperative kids! Lol

Oh, well! Happy reunion everyone!  We had so much fun!  I am sad that John did not get to come with us--this is his kind of camping! :)

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