Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spring Piano Recital

We held our final Piano/Voice recital in Green River on May 12th, 2014.  It was bittersweet!  We have been teaching this amazing group of kids for many years!
We were able to hold our recital in the local Bible Church.  This meant the kids got to play a grand piano, which was pretty neat.  Ian posed for a serious picture.

The church has original stained glass windows.  They are beautiful! Especially when the sun was coming through them.

I decided to play a solo this year.  I don't think any of my students had ever heard me play besides their songs , duets, or at church.

Zander played his song memorized.  He played "Minuet and Trio"

Ian played "Goodbye, Old Paint"

Morgan played "Supercalifagalisticexpialidocious"

Morgan also sang for the first time.  She sang "Only Hope".  She was so nervous, but she did a marvelous job!

She kept looking at us for support.  We did our best to encourage her without saying anything outright.  It must have worked.  She kept grinning at us! :)

Zander and I played a duet, "Sonatina for Two".  I love playing duets.  They are so fun!

We are so thankful for everyone that comes to support our students!  Without their encouragement our jobs as music teachers would be much harder.
Our bi-annual picture with all our students.  We sure are going to miss teaching this amazing bunch!
Back row L to R: Me (Mrs. Hughes), Brandy Harker, Jocelyn Brady, Kelsey McFarlane, Kollin Robertson, Douglas (Robbie) Maughan, Ian Hughes, Mr. Hughes
Front row L to R: Isabelle Maughan, Ashlyn Richards, Zander Hughes, Morgan Hughes, Ava Brady, Lindsey McFarlane

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