Sunday, January 25, 2015

First Little League Game of the season!

Zander's first Little League game of the season was later that evening. It was also our anniversary! I love you sweetheart!  We spent the evening at the park with the kids. :) It was kind of weird to not have Ian play this year.  Zander was excited about playing since we weren't sure that he would get to since we were planning to move.

I love that we can sit behind the fence and let the kids play on the grass.  They are so fun to watch!

Zander got to pitch.  He's going to be a pretty good little ball player if he sticks with it.

Our make-shift tree (blanket over the fence) provides enough shade until the sun goes down a bit.  We were not too happy that they cut down all the big cottonwood trees across the street. That was a real bummer!

Zander up to bat.

He got to walk to first base.

Run, kids, run!  Wear yourselves right out. I love it!

They kept seeing who could win the race from once fence to the other.  Eli and Lindey got a head start.

Back to the game...Zander got a hit!

Right to first base and was out.  Doesn't matter.  He was so excited that he hit the ball in the first game!  Way to go, buddy!

I love sitting at the park watching the boys play ball.  It is very relaxing.  Here's to a new season! Go Yankees! May 15, 2014

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