Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monument Fun

We took a Sunday drive up to the Monument just to get everyone out of the house. We brought along some donuts for dessert (that way the kids wouldn't make a mess of the house--we did bring the wet wipes along for their faces and hands-- I know how our kids are. lol).
This is the new monument (in the distance) and the wood art boxes from the University of Utah students that came.
Ian is a goob! John thought this looked weird since the angle he was at he could only see Ian's floating head above me. Lol

I started making shadow puppets for Lindey, and it wasn't long before the other kids were trying their hand at it. That was quite fun. :)

I love getting the family outside and relaxing.  Watching a beautiful sunset is a great added bonus! (Thanks for taking the pictures, Ms. D!) March 8th, 2014

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