Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jr. High Quiz Bowl

Ian participated in Quiz Bowl this year--kind of against his will. lol  He was being wishy washy and one day would tell them that yes, he would do it, and then the next say that he didn't want to.  John and I decided for him and told him that it would be a good experience for him and he might even have a little fun.  If he could miss school for basketball, he could do it for something academic.  His hesitation came because he knew he would miss school and he was just coming off of basketball season where he missed a bunch of school.  Good thing he's a good student! :)
I went and watched their matches when they were here in town at Green River High School on March 18th. They lost this round. :) This is the first year they have done Quiz Bowl in years at the high school.  They were just glad to have enough kids to participate!

Ian's team was made up of him, Ben Brown, Katelynn Sweat, and Lindsey McFarlane. The other girl on their team (Miranda Johnson) ended up being on a different team who were short 1 team member.  When she is with their team, they take turns sitting out for the different matches.

I was able to watch Ian's team do 3 different matches.  They won the last round against Helper.  It was a good way to end the day!  We are proud of Ian trying new things, and guess what...he enjoyed it! :)

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