Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

The Cub Scout's Blue and Gold Banquet was held on February 25th.  The theme was inventions.  The opening activity was create an invention from recyclable object.  There were many cars, people, robots and machines made.  The kids worked well together and were really creative! 
Zander helped introduce the theme with his new wolf den. (He'd only been in wolves for 10 days!)

One of the activities was to make something out of playdough.  We sure have creative kiddos.
Micah's Monster.
Lindey's creation looks like a couple of platypus' to me! Lol
This one is Eli's guy.
Morgan made a butterfly, and I don't think Zander made it to this station.  He was too busy creating a hovercraft or a robot at the other stations.  I think everyone had a great time! :)

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