Sunday, January 5, 2014

Trunk or Treating

My friend, Heather, helped to organize a trunk or treat for Green River this year.  We have never done it before, and were excited to give it a try this year.  There was actually a really good turn out!  The parking lot of the Senior Citizen's Center was full on one side!  They also set up a photo booth for pictures.  This year for Halloween, Ian was a scary dude in a mask.
Morgan was a witch.
Zander was Darth Vader--he lost his mask somewhere in the house before we left home. :)
Micah was a white ninja.
Eli was Iron Man.
and Lindey was a butterfly.
Getting all six kids to look the same direction for a picture is almost impossible. lol  Enjoy the few that we got!

We had a great time trunk-or-treating and afterwards did a little trick-or-treating to the neighbors and Grandma.  I think the kids got the most Halloween candy they've ever gotten before!  They were so excited! I'm so glad that this was put together--thank you to those that did it!  I think it should become a yearly tradition here.  So much fun! :) October 31, 2013

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