Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sister Missionaries are leaving us...

We were informed at church on Sunday, November 3rd, that the sister missionaries were being taken out of Green River--the next morning.  We were so sad! Especially since they were scheduled to come over for Family Home evening the next night.  It has been wonderful to have the sisters in town. Sister Vergara and Sister Shumway stopped by that evening to tell us goodbye and snap a few pictures.  
Sister Shumway is from Pennsylvania.  We didn't get to know her as well as Sister Vergara, but we did get to visit a few times while she was here.  They stopped by after my surgery just to check on me, which was so thoughtful!  
Sister Vergara is awesome.  She is from Provo.  We got to know her pretty well.  The missionaries have such great testimonies to share!  We are so glad we were able to have them in our home so often and that they were such great examples of good missionaries for our children.  
I love how these pictures show their personalities. :)  We will miss having you in Green River!

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