Sunday, January 5, 2014


Aaaaagggghhh! She did it AGAIN.  Twice in one year--is that fair?  When she cut her hair in April I put away all the scissors so that Eli or Morgan had to ask for them.  For some reason, Eli had found a pair that didn't get put away and was cutting some paper in the scrapbook room while I worked.  Lindey was in there with us and was putting stickers on paper.  She left a short time later, and I noticed she was gone.  I went to find her and walked into the family room just as she snipped off her bangs--TO THE SCALP!  I think I scared her to death when I screamed, "Noooooo Lindey!!" Lol
This little girl knew she was in trouble.  She was put on a timeout in the kitchen while I talked to her. She wouldn't look at me the whole time I was talking to her, and kept turning her head away.  I just kept thinking, "how am I going to fix this??? She cut her bangs to the scalp!"
I snapped several pictures trying to get one that had a good up close shot of her new do.  She decided she'd had enough of that and grabbed two bowls that were on the counter and put them on her head.  Picture time was over! Lol  She was done with that.  I decided to cut another row of bangs just back from where her bangs were.  It covered up the mess, sort of. :)  Hopefully this will be the last time she cuts her own hair! Knock on wood!
November 11, 2103

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