Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Calling

On November 12, 2013 we got a visit from President Riches of the Stake Presidency.  He came to extend a new calling to John.  John was asked to be the 1st Counselor in our ward's new Bishopric.  Whoa!  John accepted and was excited to learn that Bo Harrison would be the new Bishop and Scott Robertson would remain as the 2nd Counselor. It just happened that we were going to Provo the next day, so we stopped in at Men's Warehouse and got John some suits.  He hasn't worn a suit since his mission, and I must say...he looks good in one! :) The next Sunday, November 17th, during Ward Conference, they changed the Bishopric.  John was set apart as a High Priest by his dad, and then set apart as 1st Counselor in the Bishopric by President Riches.  There were some amazing blessings given that day and some great promises made to our family.  It was a fantastic day. :)  My parents were able to be there, and all but Paula and Jay in John's family came.
These pictures were taken right after they were all set apart.  President Todd Stubbs, the Stake President, is next to John, then Bishop Bo Harrison, and Scott Robertson.  Yes, Bishop is young!  He's only 32.  It's funny to hear the older generation talk about "these young kids" leading the ward. I think it will be a great thing for Green River's Ward. :)

We fed the family dinner at our home after church.  John and I took a picture of us together on the couch.

Melinda was nice enough to snap these pictures and take a family picture for us.  

John had to go to a meeting, (Lol--it's already begun) and the kids weren't quite ready to be done with the picture taking. The girls and I together.
Then Zander wanted one of just him and his mom.  Sure do love you buddy!
Grandma Hughes wanted a four generation picture.  Grandma, Thomas, Michaela, and Kaylee.  Michaela was not excited about it since she had just gotten off work, but was a good sport anyway and humored her grandma. :)
John's suits had to be altered, so he wasn't able to wear one the week he got put in.  They came the next week, so Nov. 24th, he got to wear his suit to church.  He wanted the one with the vest, and I love it!  He looks so good. :) 
 Sure do love you babe!  You're going to do great at this calling!  

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