Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thankful Pie

Heather Parsons is Eli's preschool teacher.  She does such an amazing job with them and always has the cutest activities for them to do. On November 19th, she sent home a Thankful Pie that Eli had to put together.  He had to come up with things he was thankful for to put in his pie for Thursday's preschool.  The parents were invited for their presentations of the Thankful Pie show and tell on November 21st.  All the kids did a fabulous job. :) It was fun to watch what each of them were thankful for. Eli put a blanket in his pie, a picture of our family, a toy car, one of his tools, a green crayon, he wrote "preschool" on a piece of paper, and a picture of Jesus.

I am so glad we decided to put Eli in Heather's preschool this year! :) He sure does love it!

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  1. Preschools are wonderful. They give children a "jump start" by introducing them to some of the things they'll learn during formal education.


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