Monday, December 30, 2013

Painting the Boy's Room

July 26th was the day I decided to paint the boy's room.  It was the last room in our home to be painted. Wahoo! The color I picked was "Cry Me a River".  Ian wanted some bright green color on the walls.  I showed him my paint chip and said, "Cry me a river!"  Lol  He thought I was being rude, when I was just telling him the paint color I chose.  It was funny.
Ian's proof that I was the one painting. :) He had to take my picture in process.
The color is a really light subtle blue-grey.  If you didn't know that I had painted it, you probably couldn't tell.  It's very light, but I love it.  It's going to look great once I get the boys bedspreads made! (I'm making denim quilts for their beds. They will all be different, and the boys picked out the background fabric, so they each get to have their own style. it's going to look great!)
It took me all day, but I got it done.  Now just to sew the quilts...

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