Monday, December 30, 2013

Pioneer Day

Happy Pioneer Day!  Our ward always hosts a barbecue at the park.  Anyone in the community is welcome to attend.  There is always good food and company.

This year the primary had several games for the kids to play.  They set up a fishing pond.

They also asked the fire department to bring the hoses down and set up a slip and slide.  It was the highlight of the day!  That is a lot of water!

John brought his sling shot so the kids could launch water balloons.

After a bit, the kids launching the balloons wanted to see if they could hit the slip and sliders across the field.  They came close a few times!
Those manning the hose tried to get us, but we were too far away.  (They eventually got in the firetruck and drove it around to us to try and get us wet that way.  It was so funny!)

The kids loved launching the balloons!  Even Lindey was able to give it a try.
Everyone had a great time celebrating the 24th of July--Pioneer Day!

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