Monday, December 30, 2013

Bunk Beds

We had been wanting to get another set of bunk beds for our boys for some time.  Ian was sleeping on mats that pulled out under the bed (and slept on the couch most nights) and Eli was still on a toddler bed.  We asked our friends (Korry and Taffee Nielson) who had custom built bunk beds for their girls to come look and give us a quote for bunk beds for the boys.  A few days later they asked if we wanted to buy their custom set.  They were looking to get rid of them as they were planning to move in the near future.  We went and looked at the bunks and measured and decided to go for them.  I asked them to give me a few days to get the room prepared (cleaned and painted) before we got the beds from them.  They were happy to let us take all the time we needed.  On July 30th, it worked out that we could get the beds moved.  We configured them differently than our friends had them, and it worked out great in the boy's room!  The bunk had a piece of gutter hooked to it that made a perfect little reading nook.  Eli and Lindey quickly got their fuzzy chairs and filled the gutter with books.
We bought our mattresses for the bunk beds online.  They were amazing!  They came all rolled up with the air pushed out of them.  We cut the plastic, and let them unroll.  It was amazing to watch them fill up with air and turn into a mattress that actually isn't too uncomfortable!  This picture is taken standing in the doorway.  The bunk beds fit perfectly in the room with the other set and didn't make the room feel too claustrophobic.  We love how they turned out!
The Nielson's had the beds set up all along one wall, and we flipped the bottom bed so it went in to corner.  It created a little cave for the bottom bunk.  Ian quickly claimed it as his bed--his own little man-cave!

Here is a better picture of the reading nook with the books in the gutter.
Ian in his cave.  He has it all set up with a light and shelves now.  He loves it!
We feel so blessed that it worked out to get the beds the way it did.  Thanks to Korry and Taffee and their ingenious know-how!  They really helped us out!

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