Monday, December 30, 2013

Millett Family Reunion

The first weekend in August every year, my family holds the Millett Family Reunion for all of my siblings and our families.  My little brother Garrett and his wife, Kaitlynn, were in charge this year.  We usually go camping, but this year they decided to just have it in Vernal at Mom and Dad's house. We were glad to be sleeping in a bed, and not on an air mattress! I seemed to have lost most of the pictures I took at reunion--dang technology!  John had a few of our hike on his iPod and I had a few of the Whirley Pop Competition on mine. :)  At least I have pictures of two of the most memorable events from the weekend! :)  We went on a hike on Friday, August first at the McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs.  It was a fairly easy hike and we saw some great petroglyphs.  The kids loved taking the trails with their cousins.
A partial family photo. :)

Trying to get all the grandkids together with Grandma and Grandpa for a picture is a feat!  There are enough of them now (19 of the 23 of them here) that it's almost impossible to get them looking in the same direction at once and be smiling. lol

 Some of the pictures I know I took that were lost were...the 5 babies together, Picnic at Remember the Maine, the cardboard car map, kids playing jump rope with it tied to the deck, movie of The Croods on the lawn... Maybe I can get some of those from my sisters--copies girls...please? Kait had some fun crafts and activities for the kids to do. They made snow globes with stickers, glitter and mason jars, Kait and Garrett had drawn a map of Vernal on a huge cardboard box and had a bucket of cars the kids could play with on it. We had a picnic at Remember the Maine Park after our hike, went swimming at the Rec Center (which was AWESOME!  We had never been there, and we loved it!), and watched a movie in the backyard (the Croods).   It was a great weekend! So glad we were able to attend.  Every year we have a Whirley Pop Popcorn Contest.  I knew we had to come up with something good.  I thought that since Garrett and Kait were in charge and they were the newlyweds of our bunch that we could do "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."  It was perfect! The something old was our Cinnabun Caramel Corn recipe that we won with a couple of years ago.  The something borrowed was a recipe from Nichole (one of my sisters who was unable to attend this year since they live in Pennsylvania)--the one she would have made if they had come--Fluffernutter popcorn.  The something new was our new recipe-Nutella popcorn.  And the something blue was white chocolate popcorn tinted blue.  It was so fun to do! Our presentation was complete with the lacy place mat, and the champagne glasses filled with sparkling cider. :)
Mom and Dad made Tropical Popcorn bowls and filled them with Pineapple ice cream.
Jennie went with a spicy Asian popcorn in a bento box.
I don't remember the name of Garrett and Kaitlynn's popcorn, but it was good. :)
Cassy made a toffee crunch popcorn and then baked it into cookies! (Complete with milk in a mason jar)
 Everyone did so good on their recipes!  We were up for some stiff competition.  I was glad I wasn't a judge!  We are getting pretty competitive at this Whirley Pop Contest.  I love it! Lol Since Adrienne and Justin won last year, they were the judges this year.   Jordan, his girlfriend, Kayla, and our cousins Shanae and Woody (Brian) were over for dinner and visiting when we did the contest, so they also helped to judge.
And guess what!  We brought home the trophy.  Yep, we won!!!  Wahoo!! :)  My brilliant idea paid off! lol
I just had to call Nichole and face time her (thanks, Jordan) and thank her for going along and helping with my winning idea. (Her husband Justin says the trophy is 1/4 his-lol.)
We had so much fun.  Thanks for putting the reunion together this year!  We had a blast! August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2013.

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