Monday, December 16, 2013

Little League summer

Little League officially began on May 22nd.  This is the only year that our boys will play together--Ian's final year and Zander's first year.  For the first game, our team's shirts had yet to arrive.  They played in some shirts from a previous year. 
Ian was a pitcher for their team this year-The A's.
Our cute little Zander bug-up to bat for the first time. He only looked a little nervous. :)
 Zander was in outfield this year.  Most of the time he was right in front of us, making it easy for him to hear us cheer him on.
The kids loved playing on the lawn outside the homerun fence with their friends.  We loved that we didn't have to worry about them going into the road as the area is totally fenced, which left us able to watch our boys play ball.

Ian is really a good little pitcher.  Being one of the oldest kids playing, he was used a lot!

Ian was still afraid to bat, but it got easier for him as the season went on. He hit a couple of home runs this year!  He was so excited about that!
Zander finally started swinging when he was up to bat by the end of the summer.  He even got a couple of hits!  Go buddy! :)
Lindey and her friend, Chloe.  They were born two weeks apart. :)  Cute girls!

They were able to play a few night time games under the stadium lights.  It made for some late nights, but it was good.  It is summer after all!
Superman even joined us a few times. Lol
The boys finally got their trophies on October 14th.  We had a good season, and the boys enjoyed playing together. We enjoyed watching them get better as the season went on. Our team came in second place.  Go A's!

Lindey had to have her picture taken too. Didn't want to be left out.  :)

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