Friday, December 13, 2013

Summer Cinema!

Summer Cinema kicked off in our backyard on May 29th, 2013.  We invited a few friends and neighbors to join us for Brave.
Everyone had a good time visiting and eating goodies they brought as we waited for the sun to set.
The kids also played tetherball and basketball.
It was still pretty chilly, so everyone came prepared with jackets and plenty of blankets.

The kids set up their "beds" on the lawn and brought out their blankets, stuffed animals and pillows.  They were ready for the show to begin!

John decided he wanted to upgrade our movie screen and build one before we showed the next movie. We bought a painter's dropcloth, decided how we wanted it to look, and then I cut and sewed it to fit our PVC frame.  It turned out HUGE and is so awesome!  It worked great!
Lindey wanted to set up by the big girls and had to be in her own chair by Morgan and her friend Jocelyn.
The second movie we showed was Life of Pi on June 24th, 2013.  Keeping with our theme everyone had to bring their favorite "pie" to share.  We were expecting dessert pies and got dinner instead! John's mom brought a Pizza Pie and Kristen brought Sketti Pie!  It was delicious! :)
Of  course we had yummy dessert pies too. :)

This is a fun sight!  Everyone spread out on the lawn waiting for the movie to begin.
With our theme, we also challenged each family to memorize as many digits of Pi as possible.  Ava Brady totally killed it by reciting a ton more than anyone else!  She rocked it!  We were impressed!

Movie nights are a favorite in the summer.  Other movies we showed this year were Up!, Wreck it Ralph, and The Emperor's New Groove.  We had so much fun putting them on.  Even if no one showed up but us, it was something our kids looked forward to and we enjoyed doing. Such fun memories!

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  1. Such a fun thing to do. Glad we got to make it to one. You guys are great!


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