Monday, December 30, 2013

At the Pool

Our local KOA opens their pool to the community for open swim four hours a day during the week since we don't have a public pool in town.  We bought a pool pass for the entire summer, and we spent a lot of time there--at least twice a week, and more if the kids could talk us into it.  It was about the only thing we could do outside during the day that wouldn't turn us into puddles of goo! It was nice that the kids were old enough this summer to be self-sufficient.  As long as their life jackets were on, they were good to go--and go they did! On July 18th, I decided to get some pictures of us at the pool.

Lindey would drive me crazy!  She wanted to be in the pool for a half hour or so and then she was done.  Wanted out and never wanted to go back in. The rest of our kids are little fishes, so this surprised me about her (and frustrated me as I was hoping to get some form of exercise out of being at the pool).  This was my view most of the time at the pool while the rest of the kids finished swimming.

We sure had a great time swimming this summer!

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