Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pinewood Derby

The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby was held on April 24, 2013.  I helped him look online for a car idea.  Unlike Ian, Zander wanted something that would go fast! :)
Grandpa Hughes helped us cut out his design, and then we painted it.  Zander did the blue and white and then informed me he wanted flames on the front.  I helped him add those to his car.  He was pretty happy with how it turned out!


Zander was entered as Wolf Car 3 out of 4. 
After all the races, Zander came in 2nd place!  He was thrilled!

Zander getting his award and trophy.
Zander was so excited!  His trophy even lit up.

Because Zander placed 2nd at Ward level, he was automatically qualified for the Stake Pinewood Derby that was held on May 2nd in Moab.  I took Ian and Morgan with me to cheer Zander on. 

While he didn't place at Stake (there were some serious die hards down there!).  He was still excited just to be able to go.  He got a candy car so that made the trip worth it, he said. :) So proud of you, buddy!  We sure do love you. :)

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