Saturday, March 16, 2013

Little French Braid

Lindey has decided that she doesn't like things in her hair.  As a result, she has started to rip out whatever I put in her hair.  She also rips out her hair--so much for the no grip ponytail holders. I have to do something with her hair so it doesn't hang in her eyes.  I can't use barretts because her hair is too thin to hold them. She won't keep in headbands, so those are out.  I decided to try French Braiding her hair.  At least if she pulls out the ponytail holder, it's at the end of the braid and wouldn't pull out as much hair. :)  It was tricky to do--she's not very good at holding still yet, but we make it work! I think it turned out cute, and she actually left it in all day long!  Yea! 1/30/13

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