Sunday, February 24, 2013

Morgan's 10th Birthday

Morgan turned 10 this year! She is growing up so fast.   She was wishing her Grandpa Millett could come celebrate with her this year (they share the same birthday), but knew that with Zander's baptism in a couple of weeks, it wasn't going to happen.  One of these times, sis!  We opened presents earlier this year than we usually do because Morgan's birthday fell on a Sunday.  Dinner was done with right after church.  We didn't hear any complaints from her! :)  I found a bunch of shirts for her at our thrift store, and she got some other brand new ones too.  She was excited to have some new clothes to wear! :)  What girl wouldn't be? 

Zander is always so thoughtful.  As we were beginning to open presents, he disappeared, and made her a quick card and attached a sucker. :) 
Lindey was taking her own pictures of the festivities.  I love that girl. :)
Morgan was excited to get some new nail polish.  She also recieved some new pajamas, some books to read, and a new battery and charger for her camera.
This was her favorite card.  Her grandma Hughes knows just what she likes--SQUIRRELS!  This was one of those singing cards.  Inside was a song playing and a few squirrels bouncing in a tree.  She loved it!  Grandma and Grandpa Hughes also gave her a grow your own flower kit.  Morgan loves to garden and for the past couple of years has had her own flower pots out back.
My mom and dad gave her some new levi's and workout pants (she goes with me to exercise class on Thursday nights).  She was excited about them!
Morgan decided on a polar bear cake this year.  It was really pretty simple to execute--whew!  Sometimes the kids come up with doozys and I have to try to figure out how to make it work! lol
I think it turned out pretty cute!

Make a wish, pretty girl! :) I hope it comes true!
 Happy birthday my sweet Morgan!  You are such a joy to our family.  She is my biggest helper and can always tell when Mom's had enough and knows to jump in and take away some of my stress.  I love that about her.  She loves to play with her little sister and can entertain her brothers quite easily.  She is a good little friend.  She does well in school, and loves writing class with her dad.  She loves taking dance and is becoming quite the accomplished pianist!  We love you so much, Missy Moo!  Happy 10th birthday!

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