Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Slumber Party

Morgan asked if she could have a slumber party for her birthday this year.  She only wanted to invite 2 of her best friends (Talynn and Jocelyn), so we let her go ahead with it.  Morgan had the idea to make the invitations look like girls in  sleeping bags and the information would pull out of it.  I helped her pick the papers out and kind of fine tuned what she wanted, and then we went to work making them.  I think they turned out pretty dang cute!

Morgan's party was held on January 25th.  We had dinner with her friends, then they spent the next little while just playing in Morgan's room (barbies, dress-ups, etc.)  Then, Morgan opened presents.  Her classmates at school all wrote her a birthday note.  She opened those up and read them.  I thought it was a thoughtful idea for her teachers to do.  :) 
Jocelyn gave Morgan a Hershey Syrup Cook Book, Necklaces and Silly String. 
Talynn gave Morgan a sweatshirt with Unicorns on it--they were pretty excited about them, especially since Talynn didn't notice the unicorns were there until after Morgan had opened it.
Jocelyn, Talynn and Morgan.  Cute girls! :)
Lindey has taken to this old worn out camera we have.  Every time I get out my camera, she runs to grab hers. She decided she wanted to take pictures of Morgan opening presents too!
After presents, I let the kids decorate cupcakes with different colors/flavors of frosting, sprinkles, and a few types of candy.  I didn't take any pictures of them, but they turned out great!  The kids were all excited to eat them. After the little kids went to bed, the girls decided to play a few games.  Morgan had seen the idea to play this game in a book she has.  It is called Flour Tower.  The basic idea is to make a tower out of flour and put a piece of candy on top (M&Ms).  You have to take a small spoon and take turns scooping away the sides.  Whoever makes the tower collapse has to pick up the candy with their mouth--no hands can be used.  They got quite silly with it. :) I was having a great time watching them!

I love this picture of Talynn. :) Lol
After they got cleaned up, they played the candy bar knife game. You have to roll a die and if you get a certain number, you have to put on the gloves, scarf and hat, and try to open/eat as much of the candy bar as you can before the next person rolls that number and you have to pass everything on to them.  They broke my plate doing this--they really got into it! lol
John has started the tradition of making the kids names in pancakes for breakfast on their birthdays.  Since Morgan's birthday was on Sunday this year, and he wouldn't be home (church meetings) we decided to do it with her friends Saturday instead.  John spelled her name, and wrote BFF (best friends forever), squiggles, hearts, peace signs, unicorns--everything 10 year old girls love. It was perfect.  We always pull out the fruit and whipped cream for this breakfast to make it extra special.  It was a hit! A fun little tradition John has started.  He says it is only for this year, but I don't know if the kids will let him end it there. :) (He started with Eli's birthday last summer) Eli and Micah are already planning what they want their pancakes to look like for their birthdays in July!  lol

Happy birthday, Sister Sue!  Glad you had such a fun time with your two BFFs!  (Mom is glad you have some pretty great friends to hang around with.) Love you!

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