Sunday, December 30, 2012

Millett Family Christmas Party

I had my yearly check up with my doctor, Dr. Kimball, on the 14th. Everything is looking good. I'm still healing, have lost some weight, which is helping me feel better, and really didn't have any complaints. He did write me a prescription for some cold sore medicine. Those buggers come on fast, and have gotten a lot worse since I was sick. I used to get one, maybe two a year, and Avbreva would take care of them within 5 days. Lately, I've been getting one that turns into 6 or 7 in the same area every other month, and they last for about 10 days and are very painful, and often come back for round 2 a day or twoafter I get them healed. I'm hoping this works. Dr. Kimball wanted to have my bloodwork checked again. Where I've lost 50 pounds since I saw him last year, he wanted to check on my cholesterol to see if it had gone down any (it was at 162 last year, which isn't horrible--above 200 is considered high), and check my thyroid since my sister, Nichole had thyroid cancer a few months ago. (All my levels came back in the normal range, and my cholesterol was down 11 points! Yea!)
Since my Grandma's family Christmas party was the next day, we stayed the night with our friends, Colter and Becky in Spanish Fork.
We did a little service project when we first got there by helping Uncle David and Aunt Paula clean their ward building (the party was held there). The other family that was suppose to clean with them was out of town. Everyone just visited until lunch at 1:00pm. Those that were there were Grandma, Vicki (my dad's sister who lives with Grandma), Aunt Jana (Dad's sister) and Uncle Steve and their kids--Samantha and Max, Uncle Wayne (Dad's brother) and Aunt Julie and one of their daughters--Elise, My Mom and Dad, our family, my brother, Garrett and his wife--Kate, my sister, Jennie and her family--John, Rian, Gunner, and Harley, and my cousin Michael and his family. It's sad to say that I don't know him that well. His parents (my dad's brother) live in Wisconsin, so they didn't come to very many things growing up, which is understandable. I think his wife is Alicia and they have twin girls that were born prematurely--right before I had Lindey, so that would make them almost 2 and a new baby brother who is a couple of months old. 
My dad was put in charge of music for the party, so he promptly called me and put me in charge of music. Thanks, Dad. :)  John had Boom Whackers at school, so we decided to take those and play Name that Tune with Christmas Carols.  It was quite fun.  Grandma even got in on the act. :)
Uncle David, Grandma, Samantha, Alicia, Michael, Elise and John

John, Kate, my Mom, Micah and John
It was fun to visit and see everyone.  I haven't been to one of Grandma's Christmas parties for a few years.  I'm so glad we went!
Before leaving, we took a family picture with Grandma.  We love you! :)

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