Sunday, December 30, 2012

Willy Wonka

Ian decided he wanted to be in the school musical, Willy Wonka.  He tried out and got the part of Mike TeeVee.  He was pretty excited.  They needed some younger kids to be Oompa Loompas, So Morgan and Talynn decided to be in the play also.  Opening night was December 10th, and closing night was December 12th.  Monday night was a total disaster--Mr. G. (Wonka) didn't know half his lines, or the songs.  He skipped scenes, and cut other things out.  Stage crew didn't know the scene changes.  Lights and sound were missing their cues.  Microphones were left on back stage.  It was pretty horrible.  A miracle happened between Monday and Wednesday because they didn't practice on Tuesday, just the two hours before the play was to start, and it was a totally different show.  Night and Day.  It was amazing!  They really pulled it together.  So glad I went back and watched the second show.  I'm proud of my two (three with Tay) kiddos and all the hard work they put in memorizing lines and learning music. 
Morgan's Oompa Loompa outfit was a lab coat, thick glasses, hard hat with a lamp, and white gloves.  They were to wear their own black pants and striped shirts.
The grandparents did such a great job. :)  They were pretty funny.
Morgan got to be a Chef in the Augustus Gloop song.
Ian, I mean Mike and Ms. TeeVee meeting Wonka.  He used our wireless playstation remote when he did the golden ticket interview, and he borrowed my iPod to use so he would always be connected to some sort of technology, even in the factory--until he finds out there is no TV reception inside. :)  He did such a good job at ignoring everyone and pretending to be plugged in.  John made the comment that his character is so not like him that it was funny.
The kids and Wonka on the tour of the factory.
Oompa Loompa, Doompety Doo...Morgan and Tay, front and center :)
In the Pink Candy Boat.
This was a pretty cool scene.  The Oompa Loompas passed the glowing orange ball (aka-the gum that has a three course meal) down the line while making funny sound effects.  It looked really cool as they were doing it.
Here is Ian and his "mom".  Kelsey is one of John's voice students and I am friends with her mom, so it was kind of fun that they got to act together.
 Great job, kids! You did wonderful! But, I am so glad it is over.  Maybe life will calm down a little now that we aren't running you to the high school for play practice every day. (Did that for 3 months--way, way too long!) Yeah, right.  What am I thinking?  We have six kids! lol

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