Sunday, December 30, 2012

Halloween Birthday Party

My friend, Heather's little girl was born on Halloween.  Every year Heather puts on a little Halloween party for a few friends.  It is always fabulous and the kids love it!  This year she went with a monkey theme because Brailie is a monkey! It turned out so cute!  The party started by having the kids use the binoculars she made to go on a scavenger hunt for bananas in the backyard.
Eli, Micah, Morgan, Lindey, Clara, Abigail, Allie, and the birthday girl, Brailie
There were 2 or 3 bananas for each child to find.
Eli cracked me up as he used his binoculars the entire time looking for bananas. :)  He is such a funny boy!
After the kids had all found the bananas, they used their binoculars in search of some monkeys to feed the bananas to.  When the kids got back around to the side of the house, there were monkeys hanging in the tree! 
Micah, Eli, and Lindey were all excited to bring home their own monkeys!  Heather had even made bow ties for the boy monkeys and tutus and bows for the girl monkeys--so cute!! :)
The kids played pin the tail on the monkey, opened presents, and had some treats: cupcakes, donuts, banana bread, monkey cups filled with doritos and punch.
We had a wonderful time!  Happy birthday Brai!

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