Sunday, December 30, 2012


Halloween was such a crazy day for me! I had Zander's class party at school that afternoon, so that morning I was finishing up getting ready for it.  I got a phone call from a friend telling me that the people from HEAT were in town that day.  It is best to apply in person, rather than mail it in, so I called John and got everything pulled that I needed for the application, then ran to the Senior Center where they were.  When I got there, I had just missed the HEAT people (who left two hours before they said they would), but was told that I could apply at the Epicenter. Soooo, we went over there, and waited for an eternity for the lady in front of me to tell her life history to the girl we had to apply with.  I asked for an application to try and speed things along, but she wouldn't let me have one. (We've filled them out for the last 4 years, so I was confident I could do at least that. lol What was I thinking??) I finished at the Epicenter 5 minutes before I had to be at the Elementary School for Zander's Halloween party. We hurried to the school, and threw a fantastic party for the 2nd grade with the help of Abbie's mom.  I got a phone call 5 minutes before school was out to go pick up Ian and his friend Tyler--I forgot I was driving carpool that week. Oops! I ran and picked up the boys, then it was back to help John at the Elementary school for a bit.  We came home after that and got costumes on.  I hadn't made Zander's breastplate yet (he was a knight) so I quickly did that.  Then we set out to trick or treat.  We got home just as the Alison's Pantry truck pulled up. I couldn't believe that they were actually delivering on Halloween, but they did.  It was my 2nd delivery from them.  It's been a great way to supplement our grocery budget and add to our food storage.  We spent the remainder of the evening (until almost 11pm) having people come pick up their orders as I do not currently have enough freezer space for all that people order.  (I recieved 43 boxes of frozen stuff and only 11 non frozen! Crazy!)  I was never so glad for a day to be over! lol  The kids enjoyed their loot and kind of had free reign of their candy bags while we were otherwise occupied. :)
This year Ian was Jack (from Nightmare before Christmas), Morgan was a Ballerina Fairy Princess, Zander was a Knight, Micah and Eli were both Pirates, and Lindey was a Witch.
And a very cute one at that! :)
My mom always sends the kids a little treat.  This year they got giant candy bars disguised as mummies!  They were so excited they each got their own! Thanks, Grandma! (and Grandpa)

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