Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ian's Twelfth Birthday

Look out!  He's twelve! Ian's birthday was on August 15th.  We had a small party for him--bbq, presents, cake and ice cream, and a movie out back with a few friends and family. (Hmmm, it seems like we did this same thing last year....must have been a hit.)  Does this picture indicate what his energy was like all day long?  I think someone was pretty excited. lol
Ian's friend Kollin and his family gave him a three stooges t-shirt, microwave popcorn, and a movie rental from the Melon Vine.
He loved his musical singing card from Grandma and Grandpa.
He got a bag full of golf balls Grandma spent time cleaning up for him.  The pink one was his favorite. :)
This boy is following in his father's footsteps.  I had his presents all piled up, and he started snooping.  He was able to tell me everything in them before they were even opened. (I've only tricked John one time in our married life by wrapping his gift in diapers before wrapping it in paper. lol)  Ian wasn't sure what this gift was except that it was a tin box of some sort.  He's been wanting one of these banks since Morgan got one for her birthday when she was 8.
He guessed this one...
He guessed this one was an article of clothing.  He was so excited to see it was a suit coat! :)  So glad that he liked it.  He's been wanting one of these since he grew out of his other one several years ago.  I figured it was time to get him one where he would be getting the priesthood and passing the sacrament.  It was meant to be when I found this one at DI when I was thrift store marathoning--name brand (Calvin Klein) and only 8 bucks. :)  So happy with this find!  Ian didn't want to take it off!
Ian said he wanted a Cookie Monster cake. Lol--not sure where that one came from.  I think I made a Cookie Monster and Elmo cake for him when he was two.  We've come full circle. lol

I also made cupcakes for our guests to eat.  They turned out so cute!  I just took a regular chocolate chip cookie and a small circle cookie cutter to make the mini cookies for these.  The kids loved them!
Ian had to watch his loot.  His little sister thought he got pretty cool gifts.  She wanted to check them out a little closer and play with them too.
Ian was able to blow out all twelve candles. :)

We made homemade rocky road ice cream for his party.  It was delicious!
After cake and ice cream, it was movie time.  This year we flipped our movie screen from the back of the house to the swing set.  With the grassy hill in our backyard it was kind of like stadium seating this way.  The king size sheet was perfect to go between the poles of the swing set.  A couple of clothespins were all it took to hold it in place.  It was awesome!  We watched The Lorax.  It's a cute show.
Grandma and Grandpa Millett's gift came a few days after his birthday.  He wanted pictures as he opened each gift.  Glad he requested that.  This face is priceless as he sees a whole package of candy bars for himself! (He still has a couple of them in the fridge--talk about making them last!)
They also gave him a new tie with a Captain Moroni tie tack.  He loved it.
So much so that he had to go get dressed in his church clothes so I could, "Get the full effect", as he put it. lol  I love that kid.  Here's his Men in Black look.
Pretty smashing, son!  You look sharp!
 Happy 12th birthday Ian!

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