Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ian's Priesthood Ordination

August 19th Ian was ordained a Deacon.  My mom and dad weren't suppose to be able to come.  They were suppose to be in Pennsylvania taking my sister's kids back to her.  (She had to have radiation for her Thyroid cancer and couldn't be around anyone for a couple of weeks.)  The night before they flew out, Nichole's daughter fell off the monkey bars at my Aunt and Uncle's house and broke her arm.  She had to have emergency surgery and pins put in it.  Nichole and Justin ended up flying out to be with her, so they took them back to Pennsylvania themselves.  Mom and Dad were able to come be with Ian on his special day instead.  Glad it worked out, even if it wasn't under the best circumstances.  No one else besides our parents were able to make it.
John's dad, my dad, Ian, and John.  Glad they were able to help with the ordination.
My mom and dad with Ian. :)
John and I with our son.  Still can't believe he is old enough to have the priesthood!
Family picture.  As always, it takes a few to get everyone looking. lol (Love Micah's smile in this one.  It so embodies his personality!)
Love that Lindey is waving at the camera!

Congratulations, son!  You're starting a new chapter of life.  Enjoy it!

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