Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's a Ball Game Without a Hot Dog?

Ian had a Saturday night Little League game this week.  We were joking about doing a hot dog roast at the game on Thursday, but no plans were set in stone.  This afternoon we got a phone call from the Pettits asking if we were really going to do it.  We decided that we would and plans were made.  Pettits brought the grill, buns, and chips, we brought the hot dogs and relish tray, Melinda brought drinks and chips, Brady's brought Hot Dogs and chips, and we were all set.  At the last minute I decided to make sheet cake brownies for dessert. 
 Some of the parents of the kids on the other team were calling us the "Rowdy Bunch", which was kind of funny.  We always sit together and let the kids play on the grass behind the outfield. We can be pretty loud if we are cheering.  There are plenty of us!
 We were a ways away tonight, but with the sponser circles on the fence, it makes it hard to be closer and see all that you want to see without a blind spot.
 With only one week left of Little League, we decided that the grill will be back this week for the final game.  I've really enjoyed visiting with friends and watching Ian play this year.
Ian's team lost this game because of silly mistakes and overthrows, etc., but we had a great time.  Ian got several hits and even made a run for his team. Way to go buddy, and better luck next time boys!

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