Saturday, June 2, 2012

Backyard Upgrade

Our past week has been preparing the backyard for Sod!  John was looking at the Sutherland's ad and found that it was on sale.  When he called to ask about it, they told him that it was even cheaper than the ad he had seen.  We decided that we've been talking about doing it for a few years now, so we would go ahead and get that project off our "things we want to do to improve our house" list. :)  John spent alot of time evening out the little hills we had going on in the dirt, and watering it so that the ground would be wet underneath the sod when we layed it.
 Thursday morning John's dad was available with his truck and trailer to go get the sod in Price.  Thank you!  They got back to Green River about 9:45am, and we set to work.  We had a great crew of helpers.  Besides, John, Ian, and myself, we had Grandma who entertained Lindey and Eli, Grandpa, Melinda and John's nephew, TJ.
 Getting closer to being done...we actually had to stop and rewet the sod and the dirt.  It was so warm that everything was drying out too fast!

 We calculated several times how much sod we would need, and still ended up with enough left over to do two rows more than we were planning.  Sorry kids, your sandbox will be a little smaller than we planned!  The picture below is about where we intended it to stop, maybe minus one row.  Now it's a little closer to the slide, but the kids can still go down it and not be on the grass, so it worked out okay.
 It took us about two hours to finish, so it wasn't that bad.  We finished off with a little edging, and now that project is crossed off the list.
We so appreciate everyone's help (we treated them to lunch at Burger King afterwards)!  It looks great! :)  So excited to finally have lawn back there!  I can't wait until we can play on it.

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