Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Day of School

The last day of school was full of  awards.  Ian won Perfect Attendance again this year.  He has not missed a day of school since PRESCHOOL!! Way to go, Ian!  He got a $25.00 check for his hard work this year. :) Congrats buddy, you are the only one at the school that has ever done this! :)
I always go and help John do the awards in his classroom after the school awards assembly. Ian won most of the awards in the different subject areas.  John and I worried that the other students in his class would think that John was favoring him, but he earned the awards, so he got them.  Way to work hard!

This is Lindey's new pose.  She likes to look at us upside down. Silly girl.  :)
 Here is the last day these kids will be 6th graders.  They are a cute class, and I think John was sad to see them move on.  I'm worried for them to be at the high school next year. (Our high school is 7-12 grades.) Eeekk!!  Not sure I'm ready for a high schooler.
Now it's summer! Yea!! We are so ready for this break!

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