Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Piano/Voice Spring Recital

On Tuesday, May 22nd, we had our bi-annual Piano/Voice recital.  We had four students who did not participate, as things this time of year get extremely busy.  We also had to change our location from the school to the church.  The school put a new policy into place that says we have to rent the building and pay for insurance.  So, we used the church.  We did the recital in the YW room, which we probally won't do again as it was a little too small for our 13 participating students and their families. Now we know. :)
John was taking pictures and video for me, thanks, hon!  Zander played "Gee, We're Glad".

Morgan played "The Elephant and the Flea".
 Ian and Kollin played a duet that I played with one of my siblings when I was growing up, "The Ogre and the Spider", with myself narrating.  It was fun for them, and I think everyone got a kick out of it. :) 
 Ian played, "The Storm".
 Just because we thought it would be fun, I played a duet with my friend.  She teaches her own kids piano, and they were suppose to participate in the recital (so they get a chance to perform), but they went out to gather cows with their dad and didn't make it back in time for the recital. But, she came anyways and performed the duet with me.  We performed "The Entertainer".  My students rarely hear me play anything other than their songs, so I think it was a good thing.  Might have to do something like this again sometime.
 All our students that participated in the spring recital. Back, L to R: John, Ian, Kollin, Jocelyn, Carlei, Kelsey, Lindsey, Conner, Allisha. Front, L to R: Morgan, Talynn, Zander, Noemi, Ava, Teija, and Belle.
Everyone did a great job.  It is fun to teach lessons right now because most of these students are newbies, so they are excited and actually practice. :)  John put our kids, Ian and Kollin's duet, and my duet into a video.  Enjoy!

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