Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was on a Sunday this year.  I don't mind, except that when I made my birthday cake, I couldn't lick the spatula! (Fast Sunday) lol I had a good day.  We went to church, and then hung out at home.  John wanted to Barbeque so that I wouldn't have to cook dinner.  Thanks, hon, that was very thoughtful of you! :)  We invited Melinda and John's parents down for dinner.  I was kind of disappointed that all my family didn't come around for a party this year (jk)--they did last year.  I promise that I would have been a little more coherant! (Last year my last surgery was on my birthday, and I was in and out of it during the festivities.)  We've come a long way the past year!  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  I'm very glad to be here to celebrate this year!
 After we had dinner, I opened my gifts.  Morgan made me a cute card.  She told me that "You nail us at organizing, cooking, and cleaning".  She had taped a nail to the one side of the card, and the nail polish was to go along with the things I "nail". :) She's so cute.  I loved it!
 I got a lot of cards this year. My friend Kristin dropped by with a Symphony Bar and a card.  She knows what I like! :)  Melinda also brought me chocolate. Yummm! My mom and dad sent a card and some birthday money.  Thank you! :)  Great Grandma Millett sent me a card wishing me 100% health!  We're getting there, Grandma, slowly-very slowly.  She also included extra confetti for me. :)
 3 of my cute little boys. :) (and company)
 John's mom and dad brought me some birthday money and a card that told me I was full of 'awesomness'. :)  Thanks, I try! Lol
 John and the kids bought me a bracelet with charms. :)  It is my favorite!!
 John made me cry with his card.  I love you! :)  Thanks for loving me too.
 My bracelet came with a charm that said, "Celebrate Life".  Pretty fitting for the year we've had.  It's the second from the left.  The boxes they came in had little quotes in them that went along with the charms.  The bracelet box said, "Celebrate moment at a time". The red heart charm had the quote, "Love every little moment we share". :)  The two flower beads came with the heart shaped "Mom" charm.  The quote on this box said, "Moms are the best gifts of all".  I love, love, love this bracelet! :)  Thank you so much! Each of the beads are perfect. :)
My visiting teacher and neighbor brought by a card and this cake!  Isn't it beautiful?  Sister Maxfield did an amazing job.  It was very much appreciated. 
 I made myself a Skor Toffee Cake.  Thanks for not making me blow out all 33 candles, hon. :)  Probably would have melted the cool whip!
 We had ice cream cones with the cake.  Lindey sure loved hers!
 While we were hanging out in the back yard, my friend, Heather, stopped by with her family and brought me a cute apron!  I mentioned to her that I needed to get me a girly apron when we were walking one morning, since all I have is John's old Tamarisk Restaurant apron from his job in high school.  So much fun! :)  Thanks, Heather,  I love the red with the greys!
 Our backyard sod was part of my birthday present, as well as a purple clematis plant we put by the back fence--it's going to look great once it gets growing.  We don't want the kids on the sod yet, as it's only been laid 3 days ago, but Lindey didn't mind so well.  She was giggling and going all over it. 
 Eli wanted to play catch.  He's so stinkin' cute!  (Meanwhile the boys in the background are playing light sabers with their bats. lol)
 Once he had to go on the grass to get his ball, and John jokingly got after him.  He just laughed and laughed and thought it was so funny. :)  Cute little kid.
Thanks for such a wonderful evening!  I had a great birthday. :)  Thanks for the Facebook wishes from everyone!  Glad I'm around to celebrate life. :)  The sisters sang to me and another sister in Relief Society today, and one of the presidency said we should be glad to celebrate our birthdays no matter how old we get because we should just remember how happy our parents were when we were born. I thought that was an interesting way of looking at birthdays.  :)


  1. Happy birthday. YOu celebrate the day with my sister adn my niece. It's a good day. It sounds like you were properly loved and adored by your cute family. You look so pretty in your pictures. I'm sure they are so grateful to have you there with them. :)

  2. Glad you had a great day, my love. Much better than being in the ICU in Provo. I am so proud of how quickly you are recovering! Love you!

  3. I had to take the opportunity to say Happy Birthday to you here on your blog too...You're a very special niece and I'm so glad that you are doing so well and are so happy. Loads of Love from your favorite Aunt

  4. You made me tear up. So glad you had such a special day and that you were home for it. Happy day to you! :)

  5. Glad you love the apron. Mine always makes me feel a bit plump and fluffy while cooking but also makes me feel a bit sassy in the kitchen. So I hope yours makes you feel sassy too (and not too fluffy). Glad you had a great day.


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