Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scout Camp Trial Run

Grandma and Grandpa Hughes brought Ian a two-man tent that he is going to take to scout camp next week (Eeek!  Is he that old?)  Ian is very excited to be going to scout camp. He's a little young still, but because he turns 12 in August they are letting him go. He's so excited! Of course, he had to practice getting the tent set up so he would be able to do it himself next week.  He talked Zander into sleeping in it with him tonight. :)  The family went outside to watch.  Lindey just loves being outside whenever possible. :) 

Luckily we had a tarp in the shed that was the perfect size to go under the tent.  John instructed Ian on centering the tent on the tarp and the need for a tarp in the first place.
 Next on the instruction was the tent poles and threading them into the slots.
 Putting it up, putting in the ground stakes, and lastly the rain flap.
 Ian had lots of support from Eli...
 and Lindey.... they were both real encouraging. :)
 All finished!  Great job buddy!
 After the tent was set up, we went for a walk to drop Ian off at the church.  He went to Young Men's tonight because they were discussing details of scout camp.  Since the park was across the street from the church, we let the other kids play for a few minutes before we walked home.  Micah loves to climb up the slides.
 Morgan was a good sport and took Lindey down the slides a few times.
 Eli was having a blast! 
What a fun evening! :)  Hope the boys enjoy sleeping outside in the tent!

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